Wednesday 15 May 2024

RogueRunners '24 - Prologue

The time has nearly come.

After the improved weather on the Devon trip this year, hopes are high for the official RogueRunners 2024 "Ten Years Running", a group of like minded people will be assembling from across the country to take part - which makes it sound like a large event - there are ten of us in nine cars.

A few will meet at Thurrock & drive to the breakfast venue in Stamford just off the A1, two will set off the night before & stay overnight near the breakfast venue, two are local(ish) etc. So the real start point will be a  cafĂ© for breakfast.

There will then be a drive northwards to Piercebridge mostly on small roads, there will also be reasonably frequent stops for cake & coffee & once we're all ensconced & the cars are parked up we'll gather for tea & possibly a beer or two.

Over the next week we will tour the Yorkshire / Cumbria / Northumberland area, taking in the best roads & some damn fine scenery - also quite a lot of cake & ice cream.

There will also probably be a breakdown or two - a couple of the participants will be disappointed if there isn't, so far the Stylus has been reliable, fingers will be crossed.

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