Wednesday 7 December 2022

Protec Shocks - What Nice People

 As I may have said, the car is all done except for one front shock "clicking". I had previously looked at the website & seen that Protec would strip - clean - re-fill & re-build shocks for a very reasonable price, so decided to post the front pair off to them.

But in the mean time two things had happened:-

Thing one was I'd gone on the Protec website again to find that the service package wasn't there (it was, I just couldn't find it on my phone).

Thing two, a parcel containing my Grandson's Christmas present (two toy diggers - what three year old boy could want for more?) had been sent on 48 hr postage & taken 10 days to arrive.

To ask about Thing one, I called Protec & they confirmed that they do indeed still re-build their shocks & it only takes 1/2 an hour or so, so I decided to drive the shocks there myself.

On arrival I explained the problem to be investigated & went in search of coffee & cake, what I found was that Melksham (where they are based) has fuel at least 10p / litre less than at home, so I filled the Cactus' tank, boot & two of the footwells, and found cake before returning.

True to their word, the shocks had been stripped, checked, re-filled, re-built & re-appeared from the workshop as I arrived. I even got a small discount as I was there in person so they didn't need to post them back to me.

There was no obvious source of the clicking, but one valve looked a little suspect & the valves were swapped for their latest spec ones. They are already re-built with the springs & bushes & I just need to adjust the springs pans back to where they were set & they can go back on the car.

Lovely to be able to report excellent service.

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