Thursday 7 January 2021


 The silicone hoses I ordered to attach the plenum to the intake arrived - this is important because it defines the position of a lot of things. Firstly though, a big thumbs up to JS Performance, not a company I've used before, but they were the only one offering 42mm diameter & the hoses arrived fresly made, in good time, over the Christmas peiod, during a lockdown. Theys are also nice quality, two plys of fabric reinforcing & the Co. logo prnted on rather than just stickers.

So the first thing I did was cut them up.

The plenum was too far back, so I first cut 2" off of one leg of each, that got it close to the cylinder head, then I cut an inch & a half off the othe leg to lower it, but I haden't anticipated the problems that would come from the throttle body being so high - it was going to stick through the bonnet.

So I took another 1/2" off the hoses & started looking at how I could rotate the throttle body to make everything clear. It's going to be close, but I'm pretty sure it'll all fit & it's looking properly like a car again.

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