Saturday 3 November 2018

Mind The Gap

The filler cap is finished, it wasn't without its tribulations. When I left it, it was working but the boot lid was sitting too high, so first job this morning, I cut the cake tin / splash bowl down so there was an even gap.

Obviously where there's a touch, I cut that back - then it touched somewhere else, so that got trimmed. Eventually there was an even 2mm gap all round with the boot lid in its' proper place. Then I fitted the filler cap back on & found the hinge pin hadn't been riveted over & was creeping out.
 It got replaced with a titanium bolt.

This it was the same process again, mark where the boot lid touched the filler, cut it back, re-try. Over a couple of hours I got the gap pretty even & the cap works nicely.

It's one of those details that needs a lot of thinking, then a lot of work & you'll know if you've got it right because no-one will notice it because it looks natural on the car.

I cleaned up the edges & applied a coat of the yellow nail varnish I keep for this sort of thing & stuck some rubber edging round the splash bowl..

So the cap fits, it works & all that's left to do is raise the boot rack to clear the cap when it's open.

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