Monday 23 April 2018

Red Is The New Pink

Some time ago I came up with the idea of decorating the car with 1950s scallops & bought some "guaranteed 7 year non-fade vinyl", made up the scallops & applied them. They looked good & faded to Barbie pink in 18months almost entirely in the garage.

So last Friday I masked around the scallops (& added a third line at the top), peeled the vinyl off, roughed up the surface a little & sprayed new red stripes, the following morning I was admiring my handiwork when Neil arrived with his blue Fury. We went out for a short blatt, but I chose a route poorly & we suffered from traffic. Then I realised I wouldn't get home in time to give the younger daughter the lift to work I'd promised her, so it all got a little fraught. I'd intended taking pictures of the two Furys together, but there just wasn't time so this GoPro grab is as good as it gets.

The following day I took some wet & dry to the red paint - the "style" of the car is "early '60s club racer found in a barn & bought back into use" so I've distressed the scallops to look like they've been polished for years & years. There's some age appropriate decals in the post to set it off too.

Also this week I started fitting the new shocks. FSC had told me they fit 12 1/2" to the back & 12" to the front, so that's what I ordered. I had my doubts so I put the 12" ones on the back & they bottomed over speed humps unless the back of the car was raised like a late '70s Cortina. Fortunately the VERY nice man at ProTech has offered to swap the 12 1/2" shocks I ordered for 11 1/2" ones. When they arrive I'll swap the ones on the back onto the front & fit the new shorter ones on the back. Then I'll have some shock travel & the ride height I want. It is already noticeably better with the ProTechs on the back, so hopefully there's more improvement to come.

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