Friday, 19 January 2018

Still Clutching (sigh)

Yes, I know the clutch is taking far far longer than it should, but it is coming together at last. Today I've made & fitted the brackets that will hold it onto the car & it's clamped in place. I was hoping to drill the chassis & have it bolted on, but the angle drill battery is - for want of a better term - shagged. Been on charge for ages, managed to turn the chuck at about 2RPM. I'll borrow my Brother's tomorrow when I go over to make up the brake master cylinder adaptors.

But back to the clutch. here it is clamped to the chassis from above>>
The front of the car is at the TOP of this pic which is taken looking down & inboard. The fabric is a rag stopping dirt getting in the brake master cylinder as the reservoir isn't on it.

And below \/ \/

<<< This one's taken from under the front of the car looking up & rearwards, that's the sump on the right & you can see the clutch cable disappearing off into the bellhousing.

So what still needs to be done? Well - drill some holes & bolt it to the car obviously, test that it works, assuming it does, make up another bracket for the cable outer & fix it all together.

Then the brakes, then I'm onto the lesser jobs that can -if necessary - be done when it's back on the road.

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