Friday 22 December 2017


For the first time in many many years I'm not suffering from a deep, dark depression in the run up to Christmas - Hurrah!

The clutch pedal has been made & fitted to the car - that sofa is BURGUNDY by the way - the pedal has been trimmed a little more since that photo, with some more metal removed & it now resides in the car where it moves just the right amount. The pull rod in the picture fits through the hole in the bulkhead at the moment, but when the next part of the system goes in I may need to enlarge the hole & I have a rubber boot ready if that's the case. at the bottom end of the pedal you can see three holes so the weight & throw of the clutch can be adjusted.

The other parts are drawn up & look like this, (the final shape of the pedals is in this picture) there's a turn-buckle between the pedal & the lever for adjustment & the lever is made from an ex-aircraft control cable pulley so the bearings are of very high quality. The lever then clamps the cable & runs through to the clutch. The bracket will be bolted through the pedal box side wall & to the chassis.

 It's pretty difficult to show this even with the CAD model, but in this picture the body & engine are hidden & the chassis shown transparent so it's as good as it's going to get. I know how it's supposed to work anyway & that's the main thing. This picture also shows the mods to the brake master cylinder that's the next thing on the list.


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