Sunday 4 December 2016

More Aluminium.

After yesterday's efforts panelling the underside of the car, I did less today (it was -5C outside when I got up), but I did cut out a blank for the front wall of the boot, & rough-shaped a panel for under the front of the chassis / splitter.

I might be having a change of plan there. I had intended to take the floor surface forward under the front of the body, to split the airflow into engine bay air & under-the-car-air, but looking at it as I made it, I think it might make more sense to bend it 45deg up at the front chassis member, doing that will direct between 1/3 & 1/2 the radiator air under the car rather than into the engine bay. this is going to need some thinking.

On a less positive note the boot lid is looking rather curly, I've left it on the rear deck in the hope it would retain it's shape, but it seems to be gaining shape at an alarming rate. I've bought it indoors & laid it on a flat surface in the hope it'll flatten - or at least mot bend any further.

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