Friday 1 July 2016

Rogue Runners Day Five (Six)

 Today – Hmm – I think the phrase “not as good as yesterday” sums it up.

It started off wet – lashing down in fact, so we dawdled over breakfast , but it didn’t improve. We set off, there was a great deal of splashing & a number of aquaplaning events, but it was a challenge & these trips are supposed to be an adventure. By lunch time we had arrived at a café we visited last year, had some refreshment & set off into the skiing areas, they are a regular haunt for us being twisty, mountainous & near deserted, then we moved on to a valley in the Cairngorms, but getting there meant crossing a “pop-up” ford about 8” deep, I went first & shortly afterwards realised how wet the ends of my trousers had become, but worse was to come.
The route we were following went up one side of a Loch, called in at Breamar Castle (the only photos I took all day), then back the other side of the loch. As is often the case, two sat navs directed the drivers round one way, two the other so we met face to face on a VERY narrow road. Oh how we laughed.

After this we visited a fuel station manned (womanned) by a pixie, ok a very pretty petite girl with pinky-purple hair. We refuelled, we paid, I was a little late into my car & the others left. I turned on the ignition, pushed the starter & the car went “wer ……… wer …………………wer”. I moved it away from the pumps, sent a text to the group & went next door to the Quick Fit, where they were kind enough to lend me a battery. Assuming the flatness was caused by having the wipers, heated screen & lights on, I drove off (the others had returned by now), the weather had improved a bit & the roads were no longer under standing water. To help the battery recharge I turned everything off – even the SatNav was on night colours, but at the next fuel stop, the same happened. I limped back to the hotel & after a while a small crowd had gathered & solutions were suggested, joy of joys, one of which was water related & seemed to work – I’d find out for sure tomorrow, when the weather guess said it’d rain all day again.

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