Friday 27 May 2016



What began as me wandering out to the garage looking for something to do turned into a couple of small but quite significant changes. Firstly I cut two holes in the cam wheel cover & painted the rather-too-nice-to-hide five spoke cam wheels red, then I noticed some red silicone hose left over from a job I'd done on Mrs Blatter's car ("The Pimp-Mobile") & re-plumbed the radiator vent hose, from the rad, up along the cam cover through aircraft P-clips, to meet with the vent hose from the thermostat housing & then to the expansion tank & another piece to replace the tank vent hose.
Ideally the hose should be blue, but when ordering it for Mrs Blatter's car, blue was out of stock. The run along the cam cover is higher than the old one along the chassis which means the rad will auto-vent where previously I had to pull the hose off to get the air out. Another small-but-significant job was to put the passenger footwell carpet back in. Astute readers will note that I put this in last week, but when setting off for work in the Fury or Tuesday I found the carpet on the floor - normally a good place for carpet, but not on this ocasion.
So the Velcro was all torn off & I used high temp contact adhesive (yes that smelly stuff) instead & it seems to have worked - Hurrah! Having taken the car 60 miles on a return trip to my Dads, I can say that it seems noticeably quieter over bumps & the passenger footwell seems a lot cooler (as tester by a non-calibrated hand). Hopefully Mrs Blatter will remain uncooked on the trip to Cheltenham next month.

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