Friday 19 February 2016


....... Mostly because they either work, or they don't. If something mechanical breaks or won't work I can generally take it apart & mend it, or at least see why it's not working, often it will "sort of work". Not the same with electronics is it?

Take the Fury's speedo, there was an imbalance between the sender & the speedo which meant the speedo was showing 45% of the MPH the car was actually doing, so I looked at the interweb & found I could get a widget that would correct the pulse rate to anything I wanted. It wasn't cheap, but I ordered one.

I wired it in - it didn't work, the speedo didn't respond to the test signal, I contacted the makers.
"Add a resistor between these two wires" they said.

I did that & the speedo responded to the test signal - great, I started the engine & the speedo went mad, the needle flicking about like a mad thing, I contacted the makers.
"Add two capacitors between these two wires" they said.

I did that & it made no difference. I contacted the makers.
"Add a transistor & another resistor into these wires" they said.

I did that & the now complex bunch of components fell to bits. I ordered another load & a board to solder them to & made the whole assembly again. Being board mounted it was much better (see picture), but once on the car it's still made no difference (sigh).
I will shortly be contacting the makers again.

I have now taken the whole damn thing out of the car & put the dash back in so the speedo will be running at 45% again.

NOT a happy bunny.

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