Sunday 5 April 2015

A Bout Of Severe Decorating

Only a week to go before the Rallye des Jonquilles & the car is about ready - the esteemed Mr Mango has provided routes which are being loaded to the Satnav even as I write, even Mrs Blatter appears to be looking forward to it , but as every husband will confirm - there is always a price to pay, & on this occasion the price is decorating the front rom over the Easter weekend.

It's always been called "the front room" in spite of the fact it runs from the front of the house right through to the back & it actually at the side of the house. The last time it got decorated was last century, but it has become the lair of teenagers, so I was lothe to take it out of action because then they'd come & talk to us grown ups - well I say "talk".

There was a gas fire in the front room, in the years BC (before children) it had been the boiler for the central heating, but had been condemned & disconnected many years since, but the fire still hung there forlornly. Until I ripped it out a week ago, back boiler & all. So what the do with the gaping hole in the chimney breast. It was decided that if a new thin TV was purchased it could be screwed to the wall & all the cabley gubbins run down inside the chimney to a box in what was the fireplace where the electronic gadgetry would sit (& a nice new vase - apparently).

So I bought some ply - I'll avoid saying I went to Wickes & got wood - & manufactured a box millimetre perfect for the chimney. so perfect that when I slid it in upside-down, it just touched in all the same places because it was dead square. This has "bloke appeal".

Mrs Blatter was obviously impressed, she said "Wow - all those skills you've picked up during an engineering apprenticeship & since, that's REALLY goo....." no, of course she didn't, she said "you're obviously pleased with yourself because you've made a box.

Anyway, I've nearly finished it, so I can get on with more interesting things - like watching the paint drying.

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