Thursday 19 December 2013


I'm thinking of changing the colour of the Fury. I thought maybe the black, white, grey "urban camouflage", why?

Folk don't seem to be able to see it. There was the "near death experience" last month & it's now the car's been driven into. I was just arriving at work, the car in front of me turned right into my office car part, I signalled & followed it, but instead of driving into the car park, it turned across the entrance. I stopped while the driver sorted himself out, but then the reversing lights came on & he started coming backwards. I expected him to come back a yard, turn & pull out onto the road again, but no, back & back he came. I laid on the hooter for a good five seconds & watched while he reversed into the front wing of my car. Obviously a bright yellow screaming thing directly across his path wasn't sufficient to gain his attention.

Fortunately there was no damage, GRP is good at withstanding this kind of thing & it was only a nudge, but short of flashing beacons, what can I do?

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