Thursday 5 September 2013


As the weather's been unseasonably warm I've been taking the Fury into work every day, in fact the "daily driver" hasn't been off the drive since I got back from Sweden. I've noticed though that as I accelerate away from work & back off the throttle there was a CLACK! which I could feel through the transmission tunnel. Now, there's generally a thump when coming off power because there's so little rubber in the transmission, no "donut" in the propshaft & the diff is hard-mounted. But this wasn't a thump, it was a CLACK!

But as the engine warmed it went away, so it couldn't be anything much could it?

Today - being the last day before the forecast rain, I left work early (CLACK!) & arrived home to an empty house. I put the back of the car on ramps & reached for the spanners. The diff bolts accessible from under the car were all tight, I got a little more torque on a couple of wishbone bolts, but nothing to explain the CLACK! Next job was to take out the seats to get to the front diff bolts - sounds dramatic, but it only takes about three minutes per side. Passenger side first & I got about a turn on the bolt - Aha! If the driver's side was as loose it could account for the CLACK!.

Passenger seat back in (I'd found my long lost leatherman under it) & round to the driver's side, seat out & as I removed the grommet in the side panel, the diff bolt fell out. Yes, that will account for the CLACK I could feel. I bolted it back in (swinging on the ratchet as hard as I dared), put the seat back in & took the car out to get some fuel. not only was there not a CLACK!, but the diff whine I remembered from when the car was new is back.

Job done it seems.

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