Sunday 25 August 2013

Going Nowhere

Today was supposed to be the Fury's inaugural run out with the SKCC after it's enforced lay-up, but the British weather dealt it's cards & the outlook was not good. The run was moved to tomorrow, but sadly I can't go out to play. Instead I cut out & fitted the support beams in the driver's footwell. When I built the car there were horror stories about Furys failing the government SVA test because the bulkhead flexed when the brake pedal was pushed. I made a beam from sheet aluminium to back up the plain steel sheet & it passes muster with no comment at all. However my local MoT man has commented on the flexing a couple of times & I noticed when messing with the clutch that the bulkhead flexes even when I moved the brake pedal with my hand. Time to fix it properly.

I'd ordered some alloy channel from Forward Metals through Ebay & it arrived from Birmingham in less than 24 hrs, post free, it looked awfully short, but after measuring & cutting it for the two beams, there was less than an inch spare. I took off the mastercylinder & the sheet metal beam off the outside & attached the two new beams to the inside with the master cylinder attachment bolts. Next time the engine's out I shall drill through the old beam attachment holes & pop rivet the new beams on, but that won't contribute anything to the strength.

Anyway, I put it back together & took it out & the brakes were much improved. Not in stopping the car, but they feel more positive - which is good.

Postscript - on the Costwold Curves run there were a couple of occasions when I floored the clutch & it stayed floored for a second or two, so there's a little adjustment needs doing.

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