Saturday 22 June 2013

Fault Found

It's a long time ago dear reader, but do you remember I had a problem with the Fury's alternator not charging on day 2 of the road trip?

Think I've found the cause.

When I built the car with the beloved Crossflow, I followed the wiring diagram for the FIA kill switch & ran the coil wire through one set of the FIA switch terminals. When the zetec went in, that wire was redundant, so I capped & stowed it. Then the Denso alternator needed a switched live so - presto - here's just the thing!

I've just taken the pod off & it looks like there's water marks on the switch case, so I'm guessing there's corroded terminals inside. If I'd remembered that wire went through the cut-off & thought to cycle the switch a few times I may have cured the fault!

There's a new switch on the way to be on the safe side.

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