Sunday, 15 July 2012

Woe Is Me

I'd been working on a plan for a while, link up a load of roads I liked & that had some memory attached to them into a route - that would be good wouldn't it?

Starting at Newlands Corner, the route went south to Cranliegh & picked up the Dunsfold Aerodrome to Godalming road, then across to Farnham, up to Fleet to take in Teweseldown, back west for the Pirbright Ring, then the wiggly roads south of the Hogs Back, the Ranmore common to Box Hill, Ending at Redhill Aerodrome for breakfast.

Unfortunately, my plan was ill-conceived, the roads I chose, while windey enough to be entertaining were not really wide enough for blatting & there was far too much suburbia between the entertaining bits. Another thing there was a rich abundance of was traffic, motorised in the west, man (& woman) powered in the east - the Box Hill section was something of a disaster, I'd unwittingly picked a lot of roads from the Olympic cycle race route, so we were driving in amongst cycle clubs for all told about ten miles & while we tried our best to stay behind them & overtake only where there was plenty of space, I'm afraid low & loud cars are always perceived to be going considerably faster than they actually are. This was particularly evident at the top of Box Hill. We had weaved our way through a small gaggle of brightly coloured cyclists (mostly riding two & three abreast) & accelerated ONLY where there were none in evidence, but at the top one of our number was pulled by a gentleman of the police - which was fair enough in the circumstances, but every cyclist who passed by felt the need to interrupt the ensuing lecture to tell the policeman that there were three cars all doing at least 150mph.

Anyway, two things were not a disapointment - the breakfast, the weather & the car ..... three ....... THREE things were not a disapointment. By the time we got to the airfield a number of other SKCCers had arrived - sensibly ingoring my route & heading straight for the food. So there was a sizable table of us tucking into our full English. From ordering to eating was no more that five minutes so top marks for service go to the Redhill Aerodrome Cafe. The weather was wet just before we set off, but dry for the entire run & even bright & sunny at the end & the car didn't cause any heartache. So that's all good then.

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