Tuesday 19 June 2012

Olympic Blat

Father’s Day & up with the lark, I headed east into the rising sun to a youth time haunt – Box hill, where due to the imminent arrival of some Olympic cyclists the speed humps have been removed & the surface replaced. This is a good thing.

But I had a task or two to to perform before all that. The Southern Kit Car Club has a photo competition which involves photographing the kit cars in front of stuff, one of the categories this year being "silly names". I already submitted a photo of the Fury under the village sign for Wetwang, in the Fens somewhere, but I wanted to collect the best Guildford had to offer too, so there were photos of the car poised at the entrance to "Jeffries Passage" parked up "Fays Passage" & at the end of "Porridge Pot Alley", then I set off.

It had meant an early start to avoid the cyclists, but worthwhile for the sunshine & fresh dawn air. There were a few brightly coloured two wheelists about, but none on the actual ZigZag road while I was there. The more observant will have realised that these picures all cunningly avoid showing the still rather patched up front of my car. If you're interested in fast moving foliage, or particularly bored, there's a video here:- http://youtu.be/DfsU3EgatjA

So, having done my civic duty & helped out with the resurfacing by leaving a little rubber of my own on the road, I went to see my dad, then my Brother.

The Fury went very well, with none of the electrical ills that have plauged it recently, so replacing all the alternator's ingredients seems to have done the trick. Which is more than can be said for Mrs Blatter's car whose driver side window stuck down, requiring me to spend three hours stripping it down & re-building it.

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