Friday 27 April 2012

Don't Try This At Home

So, The low pressure pump had failed in France & had to go. I ordered a new Facet solid state pump fro Rally Design - which arrived less that 24 hours later, so credit to them, I did the plumbing for it that evening, but notice a couple of things, the hose out of the tank seemed "squidgy" & the fitting on the tank seemed to move too easily - but all seemed good as I went indoors. This PM I decided to finish the job by wiring it up and that went perfectly OK as well (you just know there's a "but" coming don't you). BUT, When I returned from MoTing Mrs Blatter's car, there was a tell-tale drip on the hose. I changes the hose & the clips - not without difficulty & noted that the old hose was well on the way to turning to jelly, so that must've been the problem then. No, it was now leaking properly & the only suspect left was the tank fitting. I reversed the car onto ramps to give myself a little more elbow room. The only option was to drain the tank. Pity then that it was full.

A quick mental sum showed that a full Fury tank should fit into a 1/2 full Zafira - so I'd do that then, Easy - I was walking across the drive with the first can of fuel when I remembered that Mrs Blatter had taken the Zaf. Here car was on the drive - it's a diesel. The inlaws car was also on the drive, so I thought I'd put it in there. They're away for a while, so I'll be using the car anyway. Half way through the first can, it overflowed - he'd filled it before they'd left.

So I took my wife's car & swapped it for the Zafira & decanted the contents of the Fury into it, took out the suspect fittings & re-made them. It was around now that I realised that there was probably 1/2 gallon of unleaded spilled on the garage floor, I was soldering copper fittings with a blow-torch & the only escape route was past the car & it's pool of petrol. Anyway I survived the experience, the car is back together, I put the last can of fuel out of it, back in & so far it hasn't leaked - the new fittings are much better made than the old ones, but I won't know for certain until I fill it with fuel tomorrow - goodness knows what I do it it does leak, all three cars will be full.

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