Wednesday, 26 August 2020

Too Busy

It's been a few days, so what's been happening in my garage?

I've cut out another 2 metres of unnecessary wiring, deleted the manual fan switch ty-rapped to the bottom of the dash, I found that there were a lot of circuits earthed to the steering column support - which wasn't earthed - so sorted that out.

Then having put in relays for the day running lights & moved the fuel pump relay behind the dash (& given it an off switch), I re-fitted the instrument panel. I turned on the side lights to check the lighting level, the left indicator light came on. I switched on the left indicator & the fuel pump started! Arse!

Tracing the fault took a while, but turned out to be the wiring plug in the tail lights fitted the wrong way up - WHY CAN IT BE FITTED THE WRONG WAY UP??

Next problemette was the charge light not coming on with ignition, all the wiring checked good as did the bulb, then I remembered the voltmeter had read low for the first few minutes after start up which triggered my memory to think about field coils & the way an alternator works. The alt. has gone off to the menders this evening & having taken it off the car, the bearings are shot too.

Away from the electrics, I've made a copper pipe to take the sump gasses into the air filter so the car's a little less smelly & wisps of smoke don't come out of the bonnet vents.

I am struggling a bit, but I think I'm now knocking the problems down faster than they're coming up.
This evening I've reconnected the tail lights, with a connector in the boot rather than the at's nest of un-insulated wires it had before. There is still enough wiring between the tail lights to go twice round the boot, but tidying that is a job fo another day.
Which brings me more or less up to date.

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