Friday 1 July 2016

Rogue Runners - The last Day.

With Henry gone home, waking up was a problem – as I’d been sharing rooms with him it was his phone we were using as an alarm. My phone was still missing. The front desk didn't do wake up calls, but fortunately Linda was in the next room, so although I woke at 05:00, at 07:00 Linda tapped a wake-up on my door & the day began properly. A little troubleshooting found a blown fuse in the exciter wire to the alternator, so it looked like there’s a short somewhere. I retired to the breakfast room.

The car started easily enough after a short push from the team & apart from a couple of folk who had their own plan, we agreed we’d stick together. This lasted about thirty seconds when I followed the wrong seven out of the hotel car park. Then got further confused, so Graham took control & led all the way through the midlands until we miraculously all met up again at about the right time & had a coffee together before going our separate ways.
Then Graham & I wound down through the Cotwolds on a very picturesque route until we separated on the A331.

That's a Car That's Been On A Proper Road Trip

The week had gone incredibly quickly, seven days of driving to the very north of the mainland, experiencing some truly spectacular roads, some wonderful views, some very good meals, but most of all, a week spent with some thoroughly nice people who will put themselves out to help their fellow Rogue Runners to get the most out of the trip - & no small amount of banter.
It really was a most excellent adventure.


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