Saturday 28 January 2012


Well, I did get the opportunity, & the fitting is on the car & wire-locked, I've also fitted the fuel filter this morning & plumbed it in so the fuel system tantalisingly close to being finished. There's just two things to do, make a tube to take fuel from the high pressure pump to the filter supply tube, & connect the return line to the main lank. After that, it's just the wiring & fitting of the ECU.

Friday 27 January 2012

In The Man Cave

Today was a whole day off as I was out of hours at work (no overtime at the moment), so I set to with the plumbing. I took off the swirl tank, washed it out - it was until recently the oil catch tank on my Rickman), made up a fitting for the outlet & wrestled it back onto the car, attached the pump outlet to filter pipe to the sill, experimented with ways of fitting the pump, finally deciding on the engine mounting pad as it’s not too close to the exhaust, is close to an existing wiring run & in a dry(ish) area. That took me half a day! But I wasn’t finished yet.

After tea I went across to Woking to see Neil & his “man cave” workshop under his house. It is truly a place of wonder with exciting things that my garage lacks, like warmth, a smooth floor, space & machine tools. I used his lathe to finish off the fuel fitting which including the banjo & washers, now weighs 52 g (was 77) & should work a treat – thanks Neil..
I must say I thoroughly enjoyed my little bit of machining, it must be 30 years since I used a lathe & then I was pretty useless, but i managed pretty well, with no dwell marks & a nice smooth finish on the sealing face. If I get a few minutes tomorrow I'll fit this part & get a picture of it installed & wire-locked.

Monday 23 January 2012

Fiddling & Faffing

Nothing very interesting going on with the Fury at the moment, it's all piping & wiring I'm afraid, but assuming you're still awake after reading this far .............

I had a bit of a non-productive weekend, Mrs Blatter had a migraine for most of it & I was suffering with something similar, so I didn’t spend a lot of time in the garage. I was also unable to pop over to Neil's “man cave” & turn down a fitting ready for the banjo connection (more of this later), so that’ll have to wait for another day.
I did manage to remove the fuel pressure regulator, cock & associated plumbing, & bent up a new piece of copper tube to connect the pipe in the trans tunnel to the swirl tank, it needs a couple of new clipping points added, but is quite well hidden round the inside & underneath the tank.
Another thing I got round to was looking at the wiring loom for the Omex ECU, splitting out some wires that will need to stay inside the car ( as opposed to running to the engine bay), putting some split convoluted tube round the main part of the loom & fitting the large grommet that used to go round the fuel cock, round the conduit instead, so it uses the hole in the tunnel top deck vacated by said fuel cock saving me struggling to drill a hole in an area congested by wiring, piping & a gearbox. This is a good thing.

I mentioned a fuel fitting, this is the Suzuki input to the fuel rail. As luck would have it the bent pipe on it is 180 deg from where I need it, & when I took it off I found that in contrast to the cunningly shaped lightweight aluminium you'd expect on a performance bike, this fitting was just a slab of steel. So I hatched a plan to turn down the fitting, open the hole up to 8 1/2mm, tap it M10 & fit a banjo fitting in it's place, you can see the before (current) & after (soon to be) pictures below & hopeful they make some sense. As luck wouldn't have it they are shown opposite ways round, so the photo is the downstream end, the drawing is the upstream.

Friday 13 January 2012

Getting There

So, it's been a little while since last I wrote - how have you been?

Things have moved on in the garage, as you would expect, the airbox is finished, the trumpets are all trimmed & fitted, the bolts holding the airbox to the back-plate are wire-locked & secure. It's a thing of beauty though I say it myself. I really like polished aluminium, it has a "technical" look about it.As you may be able to see, the air temperature sensor for the ECU is fitted & it's retaining nut wirelocked & the throttle cables are laid in, clipped to the airbox & connected. The pedal travel was far to short, so I re-drilled the bracket & moved the cables over an inch toward the pivot point, it now feels good, if a little light, but as I've lost the spring from the pedal - it'll be in a "safe place" somewhere - the fine tuning will have to wait. So, what was next?

 Logically it had to be the filter, so the intake was kept clean. I'd bought a carbon fibre air filter from CBS just before Christmas, it came with a lightweight stainless clamp type mounting, but I drew up a couple of brackets & made them out of 1mm aluminium (with stiffening flanges) that mount the filter to the "shelf" behind the engine. It was an easy fit, it weighs next-to-nothing, so four 4mm pop rivets is sufficient & I also cut & fitted the aluminium trunking that takes the clean air to the airbox. It's surprisingly stiff so need no additional support. Not sure how long it'll survive attached to a vibrating engine, but it should be OK.

Things still to do:-
Fuel system

Shouldn't take long then should it?

Wednesday 4 January 2012

Airbox Fitted

Well, it's on the car & looking spectacular, so I've moved upstrean to the filter & drawn up a couple of brackets to support it off the "shelf" at the back of the engine bay - more news as it breaks .........