Sunday 26 February 2012

There's Good News & There's Bad News.

Good news first, The ECU wiring is just about complete. I've wired up the injectors, though I didn’t put the pins in the connectors until I’ve confirmed they don’t have a “way-round-ness” (polarity – that’s the word). Then the coolant temp sensor, cooling fan, fuel pump & then bundled & sleeved the wires. Electrickery done, I moved on to the fuel system, finished off a pipe from the pump to the fuel filter, found a route for the return line, then went indoors for a rest. What all this means is that I’m almost ready to try & start it (ish).

 On Saturday I did the last of the tidying up behind the dash, & re-fitted the transmission tunnel side panel, then mostly re-fitted the dash. Today I finished off fitting the dash, took the cam cover off, dribbled the cams with pre-lube, took the spark plugs out & turned it over in an attempt to get oil pressure, BUT the oil light remained resolutely on & the gauge didn’t move a millimetre, so it looks like I’ll have to take the sump off & see what’s going on in there (sigh). In amongst all this I also fixed the two parts of the NACA intake mould together & put the first layer of filler on it.

Having got all disheartened by the lack of oil pressure I went indoors but returned to the garage later & made up the heat shields for the top of the pod & the tailpipe outlet. Again these didn’t go as well as they could, obviously not having a good today.

Tuesday 21 February 2012

Dull, Dull, Dull.

What have I been doing for the last couple of weeks then? A lot of it was spent mopping my wife's fevered brow as she's been really quite poorly. However I have still got out to the garage once or twice & on these occasions I've managed very little that you could actually see. It's not all bad news, I've installed the Lambda sensor, & completed the wiring for it, more or less completed the wiring behind the dash, routed the ECU wiring in the engine bay that sort of thing. It's deathly dull both to do & to describe but it has to be done & once complete there really is very little stopping me from testing the engine - which could be quite exciting or very disheartening depending on wether it fires up or not.

Monday 13 February 2012

A Game of Two Halves

Today I took a day off to look after a poorly wife. So not much Garage time BUT the temperature climbed to a heady +5deg, the first time it was over freezing for about 3 weeks. So that was too good an opportunity to miss & having mopped her fevered brow, I disappeared for an hour or so & wired up the power supply to the ECU, the earth, the tacho feed & ran the wire for the shift light.
On the other side of the bulkhead (the engine bay) I took off the thermostat housing ready to put a thread in it for the temp sender adaptor. I also took a plug out of the engine block just behind the oil pump & fitted the sump plug adaptor & temp sender from the crossflow, so hopefully the oil temp gauge will work now. And hopefully it won’t leak.

After tea, a bunch of callow youths allegedly acquainted with the elder daughter turned up for something that “wasn’t a party”, but seemed to involve a great deal of unpleasant loud music, shrieking & wine. So as I will on these occasions I repaired to the garage & set about the car. I re-attached the battery & wired a fuse into the ECU live, Sikaflexed a strip of wood to the bulkhead & screwed on relays for the ECU functions & high pressure fuel pump, then started wiring up the fused relay for the ECU functions. I shall have to try to get out to do a little wiring each evening or I'll forgrt where I've got to on the wiring plan.

Saturday 4 February 2012

Red Shift

I'm afraid I've been thinking again - this time the focus of my musings was the shift light. The ECU can drive one, so it seems daft not to make use of the facility. Ideally the light should be right in front of the driver's face, just below the eye line, BUT that means that it's dazzling at night. So what's to be done? The solution I fell upon was to fit self adhesive LEDs to the underside of the glare shield, they won't show up in daylight, but that's what the main shift light is for. There's a switch adjacent to the pod that turns off the upper light.

I think that podded shift light looks good - for a £1 LED light pushed into the end of a £4 cigar tube (yes really).

Hopefully it'll soon be warm enough to get out to the garage & do some propper car building soon - it's been below zero all week & is currently snowing heavily.