Sunday 14 August 2022

Hot Rod SuperNationals '22

 Last time I went it was good - but a little sad. Covid had put paid to any foreign entrants & there seemed to be something of a shortage from the UK too. But 2022 was the 50th Anniversary of the 1st Supernats (there was a Supernots during the Covid lockdown) & the HotRods were back IN FORCE.

So many excellent cars in so many styles & each style has a story to tell about kids with time on their hands building cars, now those kids are in their 50s & sixties & have the money & skill to do it properly.

There was a whole "Tea Party" of model T rods, a "32nd Avenue" of '32s - I didn't count, but probably 50, an area of cars that influenced the whole scene, two rows of Pops & Anglias, & then you get on to the rods of other types, the low-riders, Pro-Street cars, customs & the just plain weird - but in a good way. The cars that look almost standard until you realise there never was a two-door of that, or a pick-up & you look at the workmanship that's gone into the car & it's just stunning.

So where is UK hot-rodding in 2022? On the evidence of this event I'd say it's in fine fettle. The cars were well engineered, there were many styles, there were many types not seen before & this all bodes well, Hot Rodding has depth & heritage, but never - ever stands still!

But you want to see the photos........

Our steeds for the day

There never was a front like that on a Mk2 Consul - maybe there should've been, the back was equally tastefully altered - & it's been two-doored.

Classic "Lead Sled", but it's not a '49 - '50 Mercury.

Yes it's actually a Caterham, with a V8 & a Jag IRS

'55 Chevy, best of the tri-Chevys in my opinion

Beautiful 3 window  '33 / '34 Ford. If it was me I'd have a thin orange stripe on the side for contrast, but I'm really not complaining.......

.......especially when there's three

It's actually a Dax Cobra chassis with a T shell on it. It has a matching trailer.

Stunning paint & straightness on a pick-up. It takes an enormous amount of work to achieve this level of finish

Toppolino HotRod (it has a 2.0 Twin Cam & running gear to suit). Linda was offered a seat by the lady builder / owner.

Another 33 / 34 3 window

Yes it's "just" a Morris Minor, but EVERY panel has been re-worked to suit. eg, where's the ridge up the centre of the bonnet? Fantastic workmanship.

33 / 34 Tudor (I thought it was pronounced "Tudor" until I realised there was also a "Fordor")

Again - it looks kind of standard, but there never was a two door consul. The front door has been lengthened & the rear ones shortened & welded in. Stunning workmanship.

A few cars from "32nd Avenue"

Very understated & classy

A 32 from Europe - quite different in style to UK / US built cars - this is a good thing.

I LOVE a 100e & there were many here which I fully intended to look at & photograph on my way back from the hanger - Failed.

Tubbed rear wheels & wheelie castors - better have an engine to back up that look.

Tot-Rods continue to get more sophisticated.

Back to the '70s

Now this was truly fantastic. Found as an abandoned, rusted out shell, every part of the car was made bespoke, It has just enough SteamPunk to make the look work, it would've been SO easy to over cook this, the wrong colour would've spoiled the entire effect, but the builder has edged up to that line & stopped in spectacular fashion There are car parts, aircraft parts, milking machine parts all with a proper job to do, nothing just bolted on for the look & I adored it

Just enough bright work to set it off without going over the top. Genuine Spitfire starter button top left of the bulkhead.

"Positive Pulsator, Gascoignes of Reading"

Those wheels!

Stunning Lead Sled

Again, just awesome, like something from Batman, or the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen.

Matching boot, luggage AND jerry can

Someone sat down & designed this as an "ordinary" family car.....

...and there's a soft top. They ALWAYS look good in pink (other opinions are available)

Our resident Gulf livery fan with a type two pick-up - with a Viper V10 mid mounted. "Sufficient"

I shouldn't like VolksRods, but I do.

I wouldn't want to own it (or have to clean it) but arriving anywhere in it IS going to make a statement

Photo does NOT do the paint justice

Into the hangars & the pretty Sopwith Dove

A bit odd, like a cartoon TigerMoth, but this one was once owned by Alex Henshaw the Spitfire test Pilot

Twenties Racers are SO cool - this one particularly so as it was one of three built in secret & called "the Mystery Ship"

Lysander - very cool

Thirties Racers - also cool

Sea Hurricane, rare as hens teeth - well almost

Hawker Demon - anything with the Hawker moniker is cool. It just is.

Gladiator in bits

Not Revenge (though Revenge was there - look it up)

Madness - Also two-doored

Flamed '55 Chevy - caravan tug