Wednesday 27 February 2019

Where Was I?

Had I mentioned being made redundant AGAIN? I'm having what I can only describe as a crap time of it. Three months ago I had a job I loved, a house I loved & a wife I loved, now that's all turned to dust.

Oh well.

Today I went to Titchfield for an interview, I set off early & took the Fury along the back roads. Arriving in Titchfield I saw this & had to stop for a photo:-

Titchfield Haven was particularly nice, with a tiny harbour, a wildlife reserve & a visitor centre - exactly the kind of place my wife & I always dreamed of living.

Oh well.

The job was the sort of thing I was doing at Dunsfold, production line queries & product improvements, a little more technical as they wanted basic calculations done, but a little revision & I'd be refreshed on that score. However, while it would be a nice place for me & Mrs Blatter to live, with lots of walks / scenery / seaside etc, it's a good 1 1/2 hours from the nearest of my friends & relatives, so being there on my own looks to be out of the question.

Oh well.

It was a nice place though, all the following pics were taken within about 100ft of each other


Saturday 9 February 2019

Viva La Revolution!

I've always wanted a set of Revolution wheels - the five spokes for preference, but they only did them in 14" for a short while & now only do them in 15". So four spokes it would have to be. I've been scanning Ebay for a while & a few days ago spied these. The colour is fantastic & if my car was white I'd be adding a stripe or two in this colour & calling that it. But the car's yellow & red, so the deep turquoise -nice as it was - wasn't going to work.

After establishing that they do actually fit on the car (a spacer on the front will give the brake callipers a little more room to breath) I set about ordering the special wheel nuts, a forth centre cap & changing the colour. The outside edge of all the rims was turquoise, so I rubbed that off with a scotchbright wheel, used the same to key the surface of the paint, masked up the rim & squirted some red on. I was quite pleased with the result, so after adding a coat of lacquer, I did the other three.

As always I was rather too eager to take the masking off & had to re-work one, but overall, surprisingly easy & I'm sure the taste of paint in my mouth will wear off after a while.

When the tyres & other bits & bobs turn up & are fitted it'll look like this:-

Monday 4 February 2019

Starts with "Div" Rhymes With Sauce"

Another attempt at chrome wrapping the minor clocks. I think I’ve met with some success, they are not entirely wrinkle-free (not many of us are) & in this photo the fuel gauge hasn’t been wrapped & the volt meter needs doing again, but with experience comes quality & they are a lot better than my first attempts. The two main clocks should be easier & there’s another roll of vinyl in the post as I write.
Of more concern at the moment is the alternator not working because the exciter wire that energises the coil (or so I’m told) doesn’t have any volts in it. No idea why, but finding out isn’t going to be a pleasant job.
What? Oh, the title? Yes, my wife wants a divorce, it's the depression I suffer from (& always have). I can't say I noticed her fingers crossed behind her back when she got to the "in sickness & in health" bit of the marriage ceremony, but I guess she must have. 30 years together, down the toilet in three months.
Not a happy time then, compounded by me being put at risk if redundancy (again), so who knows where I'll be living in three months time (sigh).