Sunday 30 September 2018

Blackbushe Loop

On this trip we were joined by the abominable snowman
After my "Tour of Kent" last week was a bit of a let-down, this week's "Blackbushe Blatt" seemed to be going the same way, firstly, I woke up thinking "it looks quite light out there - strange" then realised the alarm hadn't gone off & it was already past the time I'd planned to leave. The when I got outside the garage door had been open all night, then the throttle started sticking on the A331.

I just got to the departure point with enough time to open the bonnet & see the return spring on the pedal was broken - not too big an issue as long as I was careful, there are at least another 6 springs closing the taps.

The air was cold, but warming rapidly as the sun came up, there was NO traffic, we didn't get stuck behind a single car in 65 miles, there were no speed humps. The route (courtesy of David T) was superb. David is fond of the birds & has been known to pick one up on a blatt - this time he nearly picked up a whole flock of pheasants.

After a while we stopped in a lay-by with a pleasant view & passed the time of day (had a wee) before heading off to the final destination.

Which was "White Lion Antiques" an ex-inn where they have car meets once a month & collect money for charity. This being late in the year & dry the place was packed - both fields full of interesting cars (and a few Porsches & BMWs). So here are the pictures I took:-

This is us, having just occupied some of the last available places in the second field, we walked down to the antiques shop / inn only to find they'd RUN OUT of bacon & buns! Disaster!

They did later come up with more sausages & buns so we were not left hungry & the hot chocolate was selling like hot cakes.

Pretty model A cabrio, one of two standard Model As

I'm guessing this guy has no trouble getting out of junctions.

The attention to detail was good - the German "jerry cans" were better than the allied ones, so the allies would pick up the German ones where they could. this Jeep has a German one behind the front wing, painted in German camouflage - nice.

Good to see a Morgan 3 wheeler without sharks teeth & mock RAF roundels

Equally, a Cobra - not blue with white stripes & not clean.

Good show that man!

Interesting cars should have names - not necessarily THIS large.

Now that's got character!

A row of Caterhams all looking exactly the same. Not sure if this was before or after they polished them (a speck of dirt will affect the re-sale value doncha-know).

After a while they all processed off in a sensible manner so as not to get any insect's ingredients smeared on them.

Mmmmmm MkI Escort RS2000 - probably the most expensive car in the field, seen here just before it got given some beans as it pulled out on the main road.

More character, the banded wheels, checkered grill & pillar mounted spotlight suggest there's more to this old MG than the words "barn find" might suggest.

No, I've no idea what it was either, other than it was Italian, prepped for racing, had Campag wheels .........

....... and a V8.

That my friend is styling

Yes, I know it's horribly slow, won't handle & will use more fuel than a super-tanker.
I KNOW that given half a chance will rust away in a week & desperately NEEDS an engine in the front, but will you just LOOK at it!

And speaking of which, I've seen this before & the detailing is fantastic. It's actually in perfect condition, all the rust, all the staining, even the chrome trim & the riveted patches on the body are PAINTED on. The fact that it'll run a 1/4 mile in 11seconds is a bonus.

I still cant make portrait orientated photos appear the right way on here, so you'll have to turn the screen round to see the engine bay of the Willys pick-up above.

Yes, Willys, as in "Willys Overland" the bunch that made that Jeep, then after the war, changed the Company name to "Jeep" presumably to stop the sniggering that driving a Willys caused.

Like I said all the dirt, even the smudging round the painted on "repair" at the bottom of the door is painted on.

I do like a big Healy, black over red for preference, but old English white is good too.

Hot rods are increasingly in the mainstream of car shows now, here's a couple of Ford '32 "Hi-Boys" (it's a description, not a greeting).....

What bad luck to have all eight mudguards fall off on the way to the show ... both front number plates too. Honestly, there's no pride in workmanship these days.

.....& a couple of Model As to compare & contrast with the standard one at the top.

Before the F1, road-going McLarens looked like this......

Stunning isn't it? - maybe lose the Capri tail lights? But a very good looking car.

The other standard Model A, a five-window with a "dicky seat" if you're English, a "rumble seat" if you're American.

An in-line four of course as the flathead V8 appeared the following year with the Model B

(sorry - geek-mode off)

Ascari parked next to the McLaren, the front's almost as attractive ........

The back erm -  less so.

I've left this photo small for those of a nervous disposition.

The boys are back in town ....

The green one is an early car (says "Consul" on the bonnet, the grey one is an "airflow" car, says "Cortina".

Both owners have had the good taste to not paint them white with a green stripe.

Daimler SP250 (was called the "Dart" until Dodge sued them) a car so ugly it actually comes back to attractive from the other direction.

Also the first GRP bodied production car unless someone knows different.

An actual '50s kit car, a Turner is it?

Another arrived as I was leaving, but I'd put the camera away by then.

Someone let a damn BMW in.

Fortunately there was a Riley (RM?) there for balance though.

I always fancied one of these with proper modern suspension, brakes engine etc.

How many of you have just said "I / my Dad / Uncle had one of those"?

Integrale - group B stylee.

Very very nice, but no seat belts?

Maybe that's why the interior is that colour?

Doesn't show the blood stains.

Was there ever a better looking cheap family car than the MkI Escort.

Yes I know they're an arm & a leg now, but that really is a good looking car.

Here's a puzzler, what's this ^^ I've never seen one before.

It appears to be a coachbuilt MGB.

I couldn't understand why someone would do that, until I searched the coach builder's name.

There was a badge on the side.........

..... which reads "Jacques Coune - carrossier"

I turns out he was a Belgian who employed a lot of Italian panel beaters & sold 54 of these MGB Berlinettas before BMC bought out the BGT. That punch a bit of a hole in the market as his offering was £1300 & a new BGT was less than £700. Apparently BMC looked at productionising this design, but decided it looked "too Italian" which is a little odd bearing in mind how many Farina designs they used.

Almost as obscure, an Austin Atlantic, look at those front & rear windows - I can just imagine the meeting - "those American Johnnies are putting highly curved screens in their cars, we can't be doing with investing in that sort of frippery, make a curved screen out of three pieces, no-one will notice the joins ........"

Another dull BMW ......

Aw - don't you just want to give it a cuddle (the car, not the old geezer)

I went to Surrey Street Rodders' "Wheels day" once. There were TEN of these, every last one painted like the General Lee from Dukes of Hazzard.

Strangely, I haven see one in that livery since that day.

Yes OK, this one's a Road Runner & the General Lee was a Charger, but you know what I'm saying ......

This couldn't get in because the fields were full - THIS! - they refused entry to THIS!!

With THOSE wheels on it!!!

Of course I always knew the original 500 wouldn't have much luggage space with the engine in the back.

What I didn't realise .......

..... is that there wasn't a lot of luggage space in the front either.

The other '50s kit.

I'm guessing that if this was a person it would NOT be a vegan?

Jus' sayin'

Now there's a car to waft along the Cote D'Azure (spelling?) in.

If you've broken down by the roadside, there's nothing more reassuring that a cat / dog skeleton ty-rapped to the tow-truck.

(It's just above the spare wheel.)

Come on then, let's have your guesses ........

No idea?

(Me neither)

Said "Healey" on it

Now there's a Statement Of Intent if ever there was one.

That's all folks, there are a few more photos, but frankly - I'm bored now & I need to go mend that throttle pedal return spring.