Friday 1 July 2016

Rogue Runners Day Four (Five)

What can I say about today? It was almost perfect – almost.

Another beautiful day dawned in Ullapool & having demolished breakfast we set off, seven for the north coast, two heading direct for Inverness to repair the wipers on one car. The northbound seven headed out on what must surely be one of the best roads in the world, busier than last year, but last year the NC500 route hadn’t been invented, fortunately the great majority of the campers were heading the opposite way. The sun shone, it was warm, the scenery was epic, inevitably we got separated, some of us pulled over for a photo stop at Kylesku Bridge, a couple didn’t notice & went past. Those that were left pulled into a café with a nice view & relaxed.
 Next stop was Smoo Cave (the largest sea cave in Britain – apparently) I didn’t have time to do more than take a photo at the top last year, so this time I ran down the steps, went in & ran back up (yes, RAN – mostly).
Smoo Cave - I got arty

After that we pulled over in Tongue as we’d spotted the missing two, I refuelled from a small establishment where you rang a bell & the owner came out & filled the car. There were no prices up, but I’m guessing “costly” as the man was both Scottish & smiling.
We were now heading due East with spectacular deserted beaches on our left – looking like Cornwall must’ve been once, the road was single track which slowed us up, but most people pulled over to let us pass, then the road went all epic again, next-to-no traffic, two proper lanes & constantly changing direction.

At the eastern end two of us went up to Dunnet Head to see the most northerly point on the mainland. As it was a clear day we could easily see the Orkney Islands.
We drove back to join the others at John O’Groats, where many many pictures were taken to go with the ones taken at Lands End. After that it sort of went down hill, the land got more ordinary, the road got more controlled, the weather got worse. We arrived in Inverness to a grey rainy day, rush hour traffic & suddenly the shining north coast seemed a world away.

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