Friday 1 July 2016

Rogue Runners Day six (Seven)

A trying yet ultimately successful day.

As predicted it began with a jump start, Henry’s golf once again doing the honours. It was raining. We packed out still wet stuff into the still wet cars & headed out of town.
Town? Erm ……. Dundee I think.                                   

I was still puzzled by the car. It seemed the alternator was working, but not charging the battery, sometimes the volt meter said 13v J, sometimes 11.5 L. A good rev of the engine would jump it up to 13 for a while, so I drove along using the wipers sparingly, expecting the fuel pump to stop any minute. Henry followed my every move (even the wrong ones) in case I had to stop the car & couldn’t re-start it.
So at last mid-day came, we stopped for fuel & checked the pump as I always do, yes I recognised the logo. I didn’t need much, so just put 9 litres in. Then another few of our happy band pulled in & suggested the café next door for a drink. The Fury was bump started & I trundled towards the café car park – followed by a pall of smoke. What the hell had happened while it was stationary in the fuel station to make it burn so much oil? Ah – I checked the receipt. I’d put diesel in it.

After coffee I was pushed back to the fuel station where I brimmed it with PETROL, & filled the 5 litre can. This time it started on its own so I set off laying a trail behind me. Again the gallant Henry followed me, to ensure I did no more stupid things, until he departed for home along the A1. About ½ hour later I pulled into the hotel. The battery still seemed to be flat, but hopefully some help from the SKCC would get me on my way & I'd get home to do some fault finding.

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