Friday 23 December 2011

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like - An Induction System

A little more airboxing, this is not a more sporty version of air guitar playing, it's the construction of an airbox.

The mounting plate now fits nicely over the Throttle Body stubs (it's a firm push fit on all four) & I’ve made up a couple of brackets to hold it in place. I've fitted some aircraft anchor nuts to the plate to hold the airbox to it & in a couple of positions the anchor nut rivets pass through the mounting brackets to hold it all together, they'll have an additional countersunk pop rivet added when I buy some.

The next job is to cut the air-holes in the box itself & fit the air temperature sensor for the ECU, then the box  can be properly mounted - & I'll see if there's room for it all under the bonnet. What will I do if there's not? Well when I stop throwing things - which may be a week or two - I'll have to come up with another plan.

How techie does that look??

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