Friday 9 December 2011

Completely Exhausted

Yea verily the exhaust be compleat. A fulsome girth of steely pipes march down twixt chassis & the yellowness of the pod, are mustered together as one afore entering – nae plunging into ……. the box of silence. Thereafter it worms this way & that, before thrusting into the light through a stone gargoyle shield against heat.
And I saw that this was good.

I’m pleased with it, the route is smoother than it was before, & it’s lighter as the pipes after the silencer are welded rather than being clamped. The tail pipe itself has a small rubber mount to stop it migrating & touching the body, & there’s a heat shield for the outside of the pod – more for the look of the thing than to provide any real protection.

The next thing to get my attention will be either the air box or the fuel piping. I can’t get on with the airbox until a back plate I’ve drawn up & had laser-cut arrives, this will fit over the mouths of the throttle bodies & give me something to bolt the airbox to (bolts will be wirelocked Mr E). The aluminium sheet for the airbox should be on it’s way so with a little luck I’ll get that done over the Christmas break.

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