Saturday 3 December 2011


A little progress has been made. I've filled the cooling system - no leaks. Hurrah.

I've also been messing with the exhaust, welding the stepped adaptor on to the sawn off stub of the collector & fitting the silencer onto that. This initially gave me a small problemette in that the silencer was now too far aft & fouled the side impact protection frame.

To move it forward a bit I cut down the input tube which means there isn't enough to use as a clamp, so using my newly honed welding skills (ahem) I welded on a couple of small tabs & these now hold the silencer to the header. Holding up the back of the silencer was just a case of making up a stainless strip to bolt to the existing twisted wire mounting. So I now need to make the tail pipe meet the hole in the side pod, & fit out the fuel system & it's all done bar the electrics.

In other progress I've finalised the airbox design, & will be getting a Co. in Redruth to water-jet cut it out before starting on the main body in the garage. Quite exciting! OK, it's quite exciting if you're me, which plainly you arn't.

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