Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Tanks a Bunch

Ouch - my headlines don't improve.

As you may have guessed my shiny new tank has arrived - no photos as I'm at work without a camera, but the quality seems good& it measures OK to the dimensions I sent.

Now all I need is time to fit the thing, which won't be until after the bonnet's finished. There's other things to be done first too. i need to fill it with water to set up the fuel gauge - at least set it up better than it's currently set up where "empty" means there's three gallons or less left - in a six gallon tank. It's fine if i'm on a run because I check the mileage when it hits empty & fill it up before I've gone 100 miles, but when it's only used occasionally I forget & therefore effectively have a three gallon tank.

Getting it in the car will also mean a reduction in complexity & weight, as the low pressure pump & swirl pot will become redundant as will a couple of yards of piping. Hoorah. There's a few Kg of fuel filled copper, rubber & about a dozen jubilee clips to come off the inventory.

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