Monday 30 May 2022

RogueRunners 22 - Epilogue

 It's been a couple of days since I got home, what are the lasting impressions?

Northumberland is a long way to go but the roads are mostly fantastic & there's very little traffic, what there is often pulled over to let us pass & I'd like to think we returned the favour by sticking very carefully to the speed limits in towns & villages. Speaking of speed limits - for now at least there is no sign of "Nanny State" 40 limits with average speed cameras on the interesting stretches of road as seen in Derbyshire & Wales.
I did feel for one camera van crew, sitting in a village just off a beautiful moorland road, it was cold, it was wet, there was no traffic. But suddenly coming down off the moor were eight brightly coloured sportscars! At last some action! But wait - the first one is just ahead of an SUV & they're all doing - 18mph.

The hotel "The Centre of Britain" was in a great place & in a great building, the food was very good & although there were a couple of small things that should've been dealt with better, our stay was really very enjoyable.

But the thing that always makes these trips is the people & the camaraderie. The group is just brilliant fun to be with, refusing to be downcast or beaten by weather. Grabbing any opportunity to poke fun at each other & will always help out with any problems.

Thank you Rogues - you are the best!

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