Monday 9 May 2022

Another Successful Trip


Lotuses - common

The plan was to take the Stylus on it's first proper post refurb blat, but there were problems, so the Quantum got another outing - it's had a lot just lately & been entirely reliable.

As ever I was awake at stupid-o'clock so got myself together, took the cover off the car & put the hood & windows down. Newlands Corner was reached after 1/2 an hour & I rolled into the car park to find 5 Elises.

"Is this the kit car club?" I shouted.

Then another two arrived. So seven Elises & a recycled forty year old Fiesta-in-a-posh-frock set off for breakfast in the steam railway cafe in Isfield. There were a couple of occasions on the route when I felt the Elises were deliberately trying to lose me, if that was the case they failed & we turned into the station more or less together.

It was closed.

Frantic googling ensued & a nearby cafe was identified. I got there first & although it was a little shabby, there was a car park, an outside space with tables & the breakfast was good.

After a feed & a natter I put in a surprise appearance at my Dad's & after an hour or so headed home, filling up with petrol in the cheap Sainsburys. The spreadsheet said the Q had done almost exactly 200 miles at almost exactly 40mpg, which is I guess 100 blatting miles at 35 & 100 cruising miles at 45.

Pretty good really 

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