Wednesday 2 January 2013


Where was I before Christmas? Due to inclement weather & festivities I got little done over the break. The main achievement was the upper bracket which now sits magnificently on the cylinder head & has allowed me to properly mount the alternator & measure the drive belt I will need.
The alternator's the slotty thing under the inlet tract.
That’s the good news – the bad news is that I sustained an injury while making up a TV-stand-on-wheels (long story). I wasn’t sure what happened initially, but the G.A.I.B. (Garage Accident Investigation Branch) has now established that the jigsaw blade snagged in the wood I was cutting & jumped. 1 1/2" from the cut line is a dent where the end of the jigsaw blade impacted & pogo-d, then another 1 1/2” further away, is another impact, another 1 1/2" away was my left index finger.

I cut myself a fair bit while working in the garage, normally it’s at most an inconvenience – this was different, so (while holding my finger together with the other hand) I shoved the work-mate to the end of the garage, shoved the Fury up to it, locked the door & called my wife to drive me to A&E – without asking too many questions, because picking her up from a feint while holding one hand with the other was not going to be an easy thing.

So, after three hours waiting & getting put back together I now have a large, unwieldy finger & no real chance of significant progress on the car until it’s at least mostly healed.


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