Thursday 3 January 2013

2013 And All That

Christmas - Check
New Year - Check
My Birthday - Check

Time to think about plans for the new year. First I need to get the Fury back on the road (obviously this carries the highest possible priority) I also need to sort out a couple of faults with the tin-top & earn a crust. but slowly my attention is swinging round to this year's major blatts. I have three lined up at the moment.

The Rallye Des Jonquilles comes first & after last year's last minute entry in place of the MangoFury, this year i have my own entry (car No. 119) & will be navigated by an old school chum (that's not a chum what is ol'skool innit - it's someone I knew when I was at school). There's a lot more information (in French) & a rather good video here:-

Shortly after that is the club's road trip spread over four or five days, & after that is a run tentatively called "LEGEND III - The Three Peaks" which will involve seeing Snowdon, Scafell Pike & Ben Nevis over a couple of days.

Sounds fantastic.

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