Sunday 30 January 2011

Quiet Week

No blatting this weekend - my wife's cousin that we haven't seen for eight years came-a-calling, & as the kids were all out I was duty bound to put in an appearance, not that that was any hardship. probably just as well really 'cos when I tried to start the Fury to get the week's shopping, it wouldn't start (low battery). On the up-side, I've fitted - but not finished wiring - the spot lights. These were an e-bay purchase for the princely sum of £8 from Bulgaria, they are very small & the Fury's main beam could do with - how should I put this "augmenting"? No pics I'm afraid owing to having to pick up No.2 daughter just as the last light was fading. I'll photograph them next week when I finish the wiring.

In other news, another SKCC member has started a blog here:- well, I aways was a trend-setter. Ahem.

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