Sunday 23 January 2011

Bexhill Blat 23rd Jan ‘11

Setting off in the cold & dark, I was ½ way there before the sun came up, at about the same time I remembered that I hadn’t torqued up the wheel I’d taken off to do the electrics yesterday, so I pulled over & sorted that – one of many pullings over on the way there, I had to stop about every 10 mins to wipe the inside of the windscreen – cars with deflectors have some advantages then.
I also stopped on Cooden Beach to take a few “B” (beach) pics for the club photo comp.
 As I arrived at the cafe, so did Freddie, a member of the club that hasn’t been on a run before, we chatted for 15 mins or so until the growling of several none-too-well-silenced exhausts signalled the approach of the rest of the SKCC.
Breakfast & banter was the next task, & was despatched with enthusiasm – I took the opportunity to grab photo “F” (five cars)& then it was back along Cooden Beach, through Eastbourne & up across Beachy Head, a wonderfully alpine piece of road - that is it felt like we were driving over a rockery, smooth is one of several word I wouldn’t use to describe it.
Shortly after that I took my leave of the SKCC & went to visit an old friend in Seaford, after which it was home by the fastest route.
Purple is going, red is coming back
Stats are:-
Blat length 170 miles
Min altitude 0ft
Max altitude 500ft
Very pleasant indeed

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