Thursday, 3 September 2020

Brakeing - Good


That brake push-bar I mentioned last time, here's the horrible mashed & worn thread that would, given time, have stripped & dissapeared into the fitting leaving the car with no brakes, or at least a pedl that wouldn't work them.

The push rod took a trip to Margnor & the tread was diagnosed as M10 x 1.25 but it was so mashed by 20 years of vibration that the nut wouldn't go on with finger pressure.

I bought a bolt & a nut & yesterday evening took them over to my brother's lathe, turned an old railway bolt into a tube & prepared the ends to slot nicely into one another.

This evening I did some measuring & cut them to size, before welding them up (& grinding & welding them up & repeat). The welding isn't stictly necessary as it's all made to fit together & it's in compression when in use, but for safety's sake, it's welded as well.





As usual my welding it not pretty, but a coat of matt black does wonders & the push rod is as good as new. Better even.

It's on the car even as I type.

In other news, I swpped the inner door handles fom the "excitingly chunky" 1980s monstrosities, to plain simple alloy items, for no better reason than I've always liked them but never has a car I could put them on before.


Wales Road Trip Count Down:-

14 sleeps.

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