Monday, 27 May 2019

Rogue Runners '19 - Day 8

Day 8


During my morning prep of the car I put 3 litres of water in it – so it’d used 3 litres in 15 miles – I was convinced I was going home on a truck having cracked the engine or warped the head.

But I started the engine & it sounded OK, as the temperature rode, there were no bubbles in the header tank & no exhaust smell, so maybe I’d got away with it? Innovation thrives on the Rogue Runners & Matt found a spare piece of rubber mat which was cut to fit the neck of the header tank, the rad cap was re-fitted & after bidding farewell to Linda, we headed off to a motor factors on route.

Luck was with me, the fix held, the motor factors was open & they had the rad cap I needed!
We drove though “Pretty Corner”, “East Beckham” & the village of “Trunch”, then turned south through the wet lands, where there seems to be a drainage ditch about every ten yards or so until “Acle”.
There’s not a lot to comment on around here, even “Wangford” where we cross the river Wang isn’t that worthy of note. We avoid Ipswich by crossing the river Orwell south of the town on a rare sight in Suffolk – dual carriageway! & there’s more excitement after that, contour lines! (not many though).
The coffee & cake stop was in a farm shop & here we each decided to set out satnavs for home & head out.

It was over for another year.

Memories of the trip?
The weather was fantastic all week
The roads were mostly good - often brilliant
The company was superb
No-one went home on a truck
The hotels were good -the one in Yorkshire was perfect

Plans are afoot for Rogue Runners UK 2020 :ugeek:

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