Thursday, 21 June 2012


Not a post about anything specific, just rambling really.

I gave a lift to Daughter-the-Elder a few days ago, this was the first time she’d been in the Zetec Fury. I was very restrained & bimbled along – until we got to the long straight that goes past my house, then I dropped it into 2nd & stamped on the loud pedal. “Oh-my-god-oh-my-god-oh-my-god …… OH ……MY …….. GOD” she said in that way that teenagers do. Not sure if that’s good or not.

I also took the car out yester-eve in company with Mr Mango, a pleasant evening was had pootleing through country lanes & stopping for a swift half. The promised rain held off, & the last shreds of daylight were still hanging in the air as we parted company. Then it tipped with rain all night & into the morning – well it is mid-summer’s eve.

In other news, it’s Daughter-the-Elder’s first driving lesson this morning. She’s been driving a tractor around the farm where she does horsing for some time & more recently has been driving the family personnel-carrier around there & according to Mrs Blatter is pretty good, so hopefully the learning process won’t be too painful.

I’ve also been helping Neil of the ManCave, he was deliberating where to put the fuel pump on his Fury. Being a “live axle” car, his has very little chassis behind the seats & while mounting the tank itself isn’t a problem as it hangs from the boot floor, fitting a gravity fed pump could be. I drew up a possible solution he could make quite cheaply with all his marvellous toys & he seemed quite please with my musings.

Less successful were my attempts at wallpapering. I’m usually a strictly devil’s loo roll (woodchip) type of guy, but Daughter-the-Elder wanted a gaudy flowery confection as a “feature wall”. OK, no problem up to that point, but of course being female, she has an innate ability with no fore-knowledge whatsoever to pick the most difficult, most expensive option available, seemingly without even trying. So the feature wall HAD to be the one with the window & radiator, the paper HAD to be about the most expensive there was, the pattern repeat HAD to be such that I just needed two rolls after Mrs Blatter had bought the last one available with a certain batch number & don’t get me started on the paste that didn’t stick, or Daughter –the-Elder ruining half my painting equipment by not running it under a tap when she’d finished.

But the Prozac is still working & I remained calm (ish).

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