Wednesday 19 June 2024

Blackbushe Air Day - '24

Last year we got sunburnt - that was last year.

This year the forecast looked ominous, but it was one of those days with very small - but very intense showers, it's just down the road from my house, so it seemed rude to not go.

We set off a little later that we'd planned & so avoided the first of the showers, be we arrived with plenty of time to spare & were handed a goody bag - some shows complain about costs & ask the exhibitors to pay to show their cars, Blackbushe fives us a goody bag as a token of appreciation. It was particularly appreciated this year as I'd been looking for a new baseball cap for driving the car - either blue or orange - & there in the bag was - a blue baseball cap! Nice quality too.

Because of the forecast weather, many of the anticipated cars & planes didn't arrive, but there was plenty to see with the star of the show being a late entry Grumman Albatross, fantastically preserved & modernised with a beige leather interior & sofa beds, so the guy that owns it has got possibly the only warbird / hot rod / caravan that flies & can land on land, water, or snow. It was simply the best toy EVER.

There was quite a lot to see, a good range of classic cars - though the Tesla electric Elise somehow crept in - can't explain that & I've never seen it before, though obviously it must be pretty local 😄

There was also a TR£ based FibreFab Jamaican, now there can't be too many of them in the UK

A few people asked about the Stylus, one even knew it came after the Fury & between the showers - which were biblical, we had a very nice day.

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