Sunday 6 November 2022

Hurry Up & Wait

 I serviced my daughter's car last weekend, the centre exhaust needs to be changed because the flexi section has broken up. Euro car parts haven't had any in stock for months, (it says "any part for any car" - it doesn't say they can sell you one) but I found just the thing on the Ford spares site & ordered it. After three days of silence I e-mailed to ask when it would arrive & got a reply saying I'd get an e-mail when it was going to arrive - followed an hour later by an e-mail saying it had been dispatched - they hadn't forgotten it then?

Three days on & there's still no sign of it & this has had repercussions. Because I now can't do the exhaust until next weekend, I can't put the Stylus on stands & get on with that, so I have nothing to do this weekend & it's been raining constantly .... & I'm bored .....& ..... &

On the up side, I did get something useful done in the garage, I found the source of a light "clunk" in the front suspension, one of the pro-tec shocks make a noise when the shaft changes direction so there's something loose in there, so (again) when it goes up on stands, I'll send the shocks off to Pro-tec for a re-build.

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