Wednesday 21 September 2022

RogueRunners Wales '22 Epilogue

 So what did we learn?

We learned that doing the same stretches of road three times in a week isn't dull if the road's as good as the Elan Valley.

We learned that in spite of being "old & set in our ways" we can welcome new folk onto a road trip.

We learned that in spite of some ludicrous speed limits, Wales still has good tarmac to offer people who enjoy driving.

We learned that "Mysterious Tony" is probably a little too trusting of strangers.

We learned that Robert has a great deal of stamina & that his car is properly mended now.

We learned that Wales can be dry in September- certainly drier than Devon.

We learned - as if we could forget - that the Rogues are a great bunch who will help each other out & keep their chins up no matter what - I salute you all!

Oh & we learned that if you ever need to hide from Neil, a castle's a good bet. 😉

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