Tuesday 28 July 2020

Still a few days before I pick up the Quantum, but I have started spending money on it. A post on the RogueRunners WhatsApp group saying I'd quite like a roll bar for it resulted in not one, but TWO of the members who happened to be in contact with Quantum Sports Cars inquiring & finding out they had a 2nd hand roll bar I could have for £50 - bargain - especially as they were made by Safety Devices Ltd. who have a very good reputation in motorsport. I will pop down to the west country shortly to pick it up & maybe call in on ANC & see how their new model is coming along. I was hoping to see it a Stoneliegh Kit Car Show, but covid has done for that - even the re-scheduled event has now been cancelled.

Also on the shopping list was a cigarette lighter / USB socket / volt meter thing from Ebay. The Fury had a dozen or so USB sockets to run the satnav, radio, GoPros, GoPro controllers etc. so I don't suppose this is the last of those I'll buy, but this one will get me started. The car has an MoT booked for the 3rd at a garage I know to be very thorough - this may have been a mistake 😁, but I want it looking at properly & if that means I get a fail list, well I'll have to deal with that. Looking forward to getting out & about again though.

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