Monday 16 April 2018

First Day Out

First club run of the year, not the first run for the car, but the first “high performance” run, but before that the speedo had stopped working, I took the dash out & found a broken wire – easy fix, I put the dash back in but couldn’t test is as there was a car on the drive. So on the day of the run I set off in the misty early morning to find the speedo still wasn’t working & neither were the rear fogs or the screen heater. But I enjoyed the run & the car is now significantly better to drive than it was last year from a pedal point of view.

There were also lots & lots of interesting cars about I was particularly taken with these two....

After breakfast I drove further east to my son's house where we put the last of his house's electrical gremlins to bed. This also presented the opportunity to take him out in the car for the first time. I think he was a little shocked by the difference to his wife's Hyundi I10.

Then when we were finishing off, his wife said "it looks like it's raining" so it was a wet drive home with the roof up.

This evening I've taken out the dash & mended the speedo & the switches, I also found out why the radio wasn't working yesterday - the volume was turned right down - DOH!

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