Friday 27 July 2012


After what's seemed like a very long wait, I picked up the new front for the Fury today. Nuff respec to Fury Sports Cars, it was available when they said it would be (unlike the fuel tank that I'm STILL waiting for), & appears to be higher quality than the Kit Car Workshop era front the car has, the lay-up of the glass fibre is better, the grille slot is pre-cut, & the general finish seems to be better. I haven't had time to put it next to the car to check the colour match & on the down side they must've refurbed the mould because there are now flares over the wheel arches - personally I preferred it without, but we'll see what it looks like on the car.

Very definitely improved is the hinge frame, now made in polished stainless rather than plated steel, the welds are a thing of beauty, & it sits on the floor with all four legs touching, which would suggest that it's straight.

So, happy days - I've booked Monday & Tuesday off work so I can get on with it, & I shall be almost woman free as Mrs Blatter & daughter-the-younger are away in the caravan.

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