Friday, 6 May 2016

Wife Cooler

On the Rallye Des Jonquilles, Mrs Blatter had mentioned that the passenger side got very warm - fine for April, but likely to be uncomfortable on the WAGS Weekend in June (when it'll be much MUCH warmer won't it?). It's warm on that side because the exhaust runs through the side pod, & although it's vented & lined with heat mat, the warmth still gets through.

So today I spent a long time looking into ways of cooling the passenger footwell & have settled on a two-pronged approach.

Prong 1 is to drill a line of holes at the front of the footwell, with a ramp ahead of them to create a low pressure area, this should draw air out, improve the flow & prevent heat building up.

Prong 2 is to fit a scoop (CAD designed & 3D printed) ahead of the nearside rear wheel connected to a duct taking cooling air to the cockpit side wall, as shown in the pic (scoop is dark grey, duct is silver, side pod it not shown).
The idea is that high pressure air under the car will be forced into the scoop, up the duct & spray out along the cockpit side panel, thus cooling it - or at least stirring up the warm air a bit.
I also found the new thermostat housing was dripping, so took the cover off & fitted another O-ring around the thermostat. That seems to have done the trick.
AND – I stuck the “WAGS Weekend” sticker on, though I’m getting seriously short of space for trip stickers.

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