Thursday, 13 January 2022

Reservoir Dogs Bollox


I've been fabricating again, the aircraft fitter skills from 40ish years ago have been retrieved from the creaky corners of my brain & set to work. I'd done some C.A.D. work (Cardboard Aided Design) so had a template, cut it out, drilled holes & folded it up & not only did it look good, but it stood flat on its' feet! I made up a bracing plate & even managed to press two flanged lightening holes into it without drama. 

After riveting it up it was still flat! So imagine my horror when I placed it on the car & it rocked - yes I've made it squarer than the car is.

Anyway, after all the prep work, it's now bolted to the car & the reservoirs & hoses are fitted & I've even filled them with oil, though not bled them through yet.

That implies the front brakes are on & yes after my brother machined the brackets, the calipers are on, torqued up & the pipes & hoses are fitted.

The car's really close to having the engine put back in now.

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