Monday, 18 January 2021

Lots Of Things

It's been a busy week - or however long is is since I last made a contribution to this organ.

I printed a plate the same as the one I needed to weld to the end of the plenum & checked it for size, shape, would it fit on the plenum & block all the holes etc, then I checked it could be cut from the scaffold foot my brother had given me - all was good, so I drilled & tapped the holes (using the printed one as tooling, I marked the edges & cut it out, then took it to my brothers & mounted it in his lathe to cut the big hole out. Then he welded it on for me.

While I was there the printer was working again making the adaptor block - this is the thing with the cunning airway through it so it was quite interesting to watch (ish).


^^ That's like a time lapse of two DAYS of printing. The "tracks" round the airways are recesses for the original Ford seals.
So there it is mounted. After that I looked at the coolant hoses, I had planned to get all silicone hoses & had worked out what I needed, but it was getting close to £200, so I looked around & remembered the engine had come with a Focus bottom hose - it fitted! Now there were some spare hoses I found I could make up the heater hoses from lengths I aleady had & even managed to make a top hose as well, though as it doesn't fit terribly well, I'll replace one of the bends with silicone.
 Today many things arrived in the post, the cam position sensor, which got fitted, the sump plug to replace the rounded off one that came with the engine, that got fitted & the engine filled with oil, a remote charge lead, so I can connect the battery keeper without lifting the boot floor - and even that got fitted.

But mostly, today was all about sorting out THIS....

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